Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Zun Zun Egui, Chrome Hoof, HEALTH - London, 22 April 2010

First Set - Zun Zun Egui
Chunk and Swirl

Second Set - Chrome Hoof
Nordic Curse
Mental Peptides
One Day
Sea Hornet
Witches Instruments and Furnaces
Death Is Certain
Moss Covered Obelisk
Krunching Down (On The Skull of a Newt)
Third Set - HEALTH
Girl Attorney
Tabloid Sores
Nice Girls
Before Tigers
Die Slow
We Are Water
In Violet
unknown (possibly this was just a bridge between two songs)
USA Boys
Not surprisingly, there is some distortion on the HEALTH set.  My ears were ringing for days afterwards!

Sunday, December 26, 2010

Miscellaneous updates

Ornette Coleman, 21 June 2009 (posted 24 October 2009)

I have now added links for the opening set by Bachir Attar and the Master Musicians of Jajouka

Allen Toussaint, 18 November 2009 (posted 19 October 2010)

I have now added track markers

Grinderman, HMV Apollo, Hammersmith, 1 October 2010

First Set - The Hunter Gracchus
Sorry, I was late arriving so this set is incomplete

Second Set - Grinderman
Mickey Mouse and the Goodbye Man
Worm Tamer
Get It On
Heathen Child
Palaces Of Montezuma
When My Baby Comes
What I Know
Honey Bee (Let's Fly to Mars)
No Pussy Blues
Bellringer Blues
Man in the Moon
Go Tell the Women
Love Bomb

Friday, December 24, 2010

Einstürzende Neubauten, London, 16 October 2010

Part One Garden
Nagorny Karabach
Dead Friends (Around The Corner)
Let's Do It A Dada
Die Interimsliebenden
Ich Hatte Ein Wort
Haus Der Lüge
Von Wegen
Die Befindlichkeit Des Landes
unknown title Rampe
Part Two
Ein Leichtes Leises Säuseln
Selbstportrait Mit Kater
Additional Encore
Silence is Sexy
They played one continuous set.  I have just made an arbitrary split into two parts.  I have taken out a lot of the applause, shouts for "more" etc. between Selbsportrait... and Silence is Sexy.  There were some announcements but they were not very distinct and I picked up a lot of audience chatter.

This is my own recording.  A memory stick with a recording of the concert (plus the show the following day at Relentless Garage) was on sale but I didn't buy it.

Thursday, December 23, 2010

Joanne Shaw Taylor, Virgil McMahon, The Stone Electric, London, 16 November 2010

Sorry for the distortion on some of these tracks.  The mic gain was set a bit too high.

The Stone Electric
Noni Crow - bass guitar, vocals
Austyn Crow - guitar
Dave Godden - drums

The Elephant
Beggars Would Ride
Be With You
Gotta Get Out
Soul to Shine
Mercy Me
Tequila Mockingbird

Virgil McMahon - acoustic guitar, vocals

Oreo Blues
If You Have to Know

Joanne Shaw Taylor Band
Joanne Shaw Taylor - guitar, vocals
Virgil McMahon - bass guitar
Gabriel McMahon - drums

Shake & Bake (unannounced instrumental - title guessed on basis of other gig info on
Going Home
Let It Burn
White Sugar
Rude Mood
Your Time Has Come
Manic Depression
Dead and Gone
Kiss The Ground Goodbye
Watch 'Em Burn
Blackest Day
Going Down
Black Country Soul
Update 6 January  2011.  Someone has update my listing on to confirm the first title as Shake'n'Bake

Sunday, December 19, 2010

Buddy Whittington Band, Geoff Everett Band, London, 11 November 2010

Geoff Everett Band
Geoff Everett - guitar, vocals
Kevin Dore - bass guitar
Sam Jacques - drums
Alan Glen - harmonica

01 incomplete, faint
02 I Just Want to Make Love to You
03 I'm a Steady Rolling Man
04 band credits
05 Beaverwood Blues
06 I'm Back in the Town
07 closing announcements

Buddy Whittington Band
Buddy Whittington - guitar, vocals
Roger Cotton - keyboards
Peter Stroud - bass guitar
Darby Todd - drums

First Set
01 introduction
02 Baby You Know That Ain't Right
03 Too Much of a Good Thing Can't Be Good for Me
04 Help Me Through the Day
05 Jacksboro Highway
06 Ain't No Brakeman On This Train
07 Maydell
08 Greenwood
09 The Second Banana
10 I Love You More And More Every Day
Second Set
01 entrance
02 You've Got Me In a Tailspin
03 Roger Cotton introduces Alan Glen & Paul Cox
04 Walking On Sunset
05 Baby Scratch My Back
06 Woman Across The River
07 Hideaway
08 Sure Got Cold After The Rain Fell
09 Grits Ain't Groceries
10 Awestruck And Spellbound

Saturday, December 18, 2010

John Mayall, Marcus Bonfanti, London, 1 November 2010

Marcus Bonfanti - guitar, harmonica, vocals

01 God Only Knows
02 Devil Girl
03 What Good Am I To You
04 Now I'm Gone (Is You Life Better)
05 Messin' Round No More
06 Sweet Louise
07 Give Me Your Cash

John Mayall - keyboards, harmonica, vocals

Rocky Athas - guitar
Greg Rzab - bass
Jay Davenport - Drums

01 introduction
02 Another Man Done Gone
03 band introductions
04 Chicago Line
05 Riding on the L & N
06 So Many Roads
07 Checking on my Baby
08 Movin' Out and Movin' On
09 Mail Order Mystics
10 How Can You Live Like That?
11 Parchman Farm
12 Early in the Morning
13 Maydell
14 California
15 My Time After a While
16 Room to Move
17 credits, applause, "more, more"
18 encore - Hideaway

Swans, London, 28 October 2010

Michael Gira – guitar, vocals
Christoph Hahn – guitar
Thor Harris – drums, percussion, vibes, dulcimer, keyboards
Chris Pravdica – bass guitar
Phil Puleo – drums, percussion, dulcimer
Norman Westberg – guitar

01 No Words/No Thoughts
02 Your Property
03 Sex God Sex
04 Jim
05 Untitled instrumental
06 I Crawled
07 band credits
08 Beautiful Child
09 "You headbanger, you ****!"
10 Eden Prison
11 applause etc.
12 Encore - Little Mouth

Saturday, November 6, 2010

Merzbow, Balazs Pandi, Dethscalator, Nadja - London, 27th October 2010

unknown (6:22)
Midnight Feast (2:28)
Internet Explorer and Friends (11:26)
unknown (1:51)
Pine Pot (3:09)

Aidan Baker (guitars), Leah Buckareff (bass)
Four failed attempts  Set abandoned owing to technical problems
I look forward to catching up with them another time - once they have found a good electrician!

Merzbow - electronics
Balazs Pandi - drums

26 September 2016. Merzbow + Balazs Pandi set re-upped. I can re-up the others on request. Please leave a comment here.

Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Allen Toussaint, Blind Boys of Alabama, 18 November 2009

London Jazz Festival Barbican Hall, London
Wednesday, 18 November 2009

Sorry this is rather quite.  By default, I usually set the mic to low gain.  That's generally fine for amplified music, but not really adequate for a single voice and piano.  I whacked the volume up as much as possible during editing, but you will probably still need to play it loud.

Allen Toussaint
Play Something Sweet
Sneaking Sally Through The Alley
Sweet Touch of Love
Wrong Number
Singin' the Blues
St. James Infirmary
A Certain Girl / Mother-in-Law / Fortune Teller / Working in a Coal Mine
Get out of My Life Woman
With You in Mind
What Is Success
Bright Mississippi
Everthing I Do Gonna Be Funky
Southern Nights

Blind Boys of Alabama
Up Above My Head
Perfect Peace
People Get Ready
Spirit in the Sky
Way Down in the Hole
Down by the Riverside (with Allen Toussaint)
There Will Be a Light
How I Got Over
Free at Last
Amazing Grace
Look Where He Brought Me From
Someone Watches Over Me
I'm a Soldier in the Army of the Lord

Saturday, October 9, 2010

Iggy and the Stooges + Suicide, 3rd May 2010

*Links updated 24/07/2016*
Hammersmith Apollo, London Monday, 3rd May 2010

Alan Vega (vocals)
Martin Rev (synthesizer, drum machine)
01 Ghost Rider
02 Rocket USA
03 Cheree
04 Johnny
05 Girl
06 Frankie Teardrop
07 Che

Iggy and the Stooges
"Raw Power"
Iggy Popp (vocals)
Scott Asheton (drums)
James Williamson (guitar)
Steve Mackay (guitar, saxophone)
Mike Watt (bass guitar)
01 Raw Power
02 Search and Destroy
03 Gimme Danger
04 Your Pretty Face
05 Shake Appeal
06 I Need Somebody
07 Penetration
08 Death Trip
09 Cock In My Pocket
10 I Got A Right
11 Dog
12 Nineteen Seventy
13 L.A. Blues
14 Night Theme
15 Beyond The Law
16 Open Up And Bleed
17 Fun House
18 Kill City
The encore "Johanna" was included in the performance on the previous evening, but not played tonight.

Note.  An official recording of the Stooges set for 2nd May is available as download or memory stick from simfylive

Sunday, July 11, 2010

Wire + Chapel Club, 8 June 2010

Relentless Garage, London
Tuesday, 8 June 2010

Chapel Club
01 Surfacing
02 Five Trees
03 White Knight
04 Fine Light
05 O Maybe I
06 All The Eastern Girls
07 Paper Thin
Re-upped with corrected titles
Colin Newman (rhythm guitar, vocals), Graham Lewis (bass), Robert Grey (drums), Matt Simms (guitar)
01 entrance
02 Smash
03 Because
04 Mekon Headman
05 Up From Above
06 Drill
07 Please Take
08 One Of Us
09 Kidney Bingoes
10 German Shepherds
11 A Flat Tent
12 Moreover
13 106 Beats That
14 Two People In A Room
15 Spent
16 more, more...
17 He Knows - Pink Flag
18 more you wankers...
19 The 15th
20 Underwater Experiences
21 Lowdown
22 12XU

Thanks to Uri for supplying the set list for Wire

Video clips
Nothing special, you'll probably find better on YouTube.  But here they are for what they're worth

Monday, May 31, 2010

Acid Mother's Temple and the Melting Paraiso U.F.O. + Stearica, 2010

I'd rather not name the venue here.  It is one of those security conscious places that is given to searching punters.  I don't want to encourage them to redouble their efforts!  The music was loud so don't expect high fidelity.

01 Sky Smokes Clouds
02 Up East
03 Le Donne Non S'offrono
04 announcements
05 Right on Time

Acid Mother's Temple and the Melting Paraiso U.F.O.
Bassist was Guy Segers of Univers Zero
Sorry I cannot put names to all the songs.  They tended to run into each other so I am not sure I have got track markers in all the right places.  Just about anyone can spot "Pink Lady Lemonade" as it seems to be their most frequently performed song.

01 entrance and announcements
02 xxx
03 sorry, guitar is dead...
04 xxx
05 Pink Lady Lemonade
I've now managed to add a couple more titles.  For now, here is a lo-fi version.  Any assistance with the remainder would be appreciated.  I think "unknown 3" is their take on Hendrix's Foxy Lady.
Acid Mothers Temple - mp3@128

Some pictures and videos.  Not great, but I was able to prop the camera against a pole.

Sunday, May 30, 2010

Boris + Alexander Tucker, 17 May 2010

Relentless Garage 17 May 2010

Alexander Tucker
It was only after 25 minutes I remembered that the microphone was set to high gain.  So sorry that most of it is distorted.
Here is the new link

Thanks to the contributors at Setlist.  I would not have recognised many of the titles otherwise.
Much of this set was played continuously without breaks between the songs, so I have sometimes had to find an arbitrary place to put the track markers.  And of course a portable recorder can't really do justice to the full dynamic range.
01 Farewell
02 Rainbow
03 "8"
04 Statement
05 Floor Shaker
06 a bao a qu
07 "16:47:52"
08 Akirame Flower
09 Pink
10 Korusu
11 "1970"
12 untitled - bonus track from Smile

Boredoms, 11 May 2010

Boredoms perform Boadrum
HMV Forum, Kentish Town
11 May 2010


Saturday, April 17, 2010

Laurie Anderson, 14 April 2010

Laurie Anderson

with Colin Stetson (bass saxophone) and Eyvind Kang (viola)
Barbican Theatre, London
Wednesday, 14 April 2010

29 September 2017. Dead link re-upped

Friday, April 16, 2010

Ivor Cutler, 2nd July 1998

It's been a while since I uploaded anything, but here is some more of Mr Cutler

Ivor Cutler

Queen Elizabeth Hall, London
2nd July 1998

01 First Set - entrance
02 Old Cups of Tea
03 Poems from A Flat Man
04 Tomato Brain
05 The Meadows Go
06 Little Black Buzzer
07 Water on the Street
08 Never Trust a Human Being
09 Just give me a few seconds...
10 The Human Awl
11 poems
12 A Doughnut in My Hand
13 Lemon Flower
14 High as the Wind
15 Pass the Ball Jim
16 Beautiful Cosmos
17 Second Set - entrance
18 Cold Potato
19 Search for Grace
20 Moist Flyer
21 The Railway Sleepers
22 A Flat Man
23 Fish
24 I Got No Common Sense
25 Barabadabada
26 Jump in the Clyde
27 I Love You But I Don't Know What I Mean
28 Three Sisters
29 Lean
30 Bread is a Word
31 Smack
32 Five Wise Saws
33 Unexpected Join
34 Evergreen Moon
35 The River Bends
36 Look at the Moon
RE-UPPED 17/05/2016

In the first set, I have not separated some of the shorter poems into individual titles.  During "Cold Potato" there is a bit of a hiatus as he asks some people to take their child outside.

Sunday, January 17, 2010

Brian Eno's Music for Airports, 3rd October 1998

The LaBradford first annual Festival of Drifting
Brian Eno's Music for Airports
Royal Festival Hall, London
Saturday, 3rd October 1998

First Set
01 LaBradford
Second Set
Music for Airports
02 1/1
03 1/2
04 2/1
05 2/2

Sunday, January 10, 2010

Huun Huur Tu, 14 May 1999

Huun Huur Tu
Royal Festival Hall, London
Friday, 14 May 1999

Kaigal-ool Khovalyg, Sayan Bapa, Anatoli Kuular, Alexei Saryglar

First Set
01 entrance
02 Oske Cherde (Foreign Land)
03 announcements
04 Sygyt
05 Fantasy On The Igil
06 Chiraa-Khoor ("The Yellow Trotter")
07 announcements
08 Kongurei (60 horses in my herd)
09 Borbanngadyr
10 Ching Soortukchulerining Yryzy (Song of the Caravan Drivers)
11 Ezir-Kara
Second Set
12 announcements
13 Prayer
14 Kargyraa
15 Mezhegei
16 Eerbek-Aksy
17 Samagaltai
18 Dadyr - Todur
19 Khomuz Medley
20 Odugen Taiga
21 The Orphan's Lament
22 Aa-Shuu Dekei-oo
23 Donen-Shilgi
24 Eki Attar
New links added 6/11/2014
Sorry but track 12 has got lost somewhere

Sunday, January 3, 2010

Saturday, January 2, 2010

Rescue, 5 July 1997

Gala Performance in aid of War Child
Part of Laurie Anderson's Meltdown
Royal Festival Hall, London
Saturday, 5th July 1997

First Set
01 Yungchen Lhamo - Lam Dorje Chang
02 Youngchen Lhamo - Om Mani Padme Hum
03 Yungchen Lhamo with Bill T. Jones - Ari-Lo
04 Salman Rushdie - Reading from The Satanic Verses
05 Robert Wilson and Christopher Knowles - American Planes, Wind
06 Lou Reed - They're Taking Her Children Away
07 Lou Reed - Talking Book
08 Lou Reed - Into the Divine
09 Lou Reed - Rescue Night
10 Michael Nyman - uncredited piece - incomplete
Second Set
01 Electra Strings - Company (Philip Glass)
02 Laurie Anderson - Civil Wars Act 5, Scene C (Philip Glass)
03 Ryuichi Sakamoto Electra Strings - Untitled 01a
04 Robert Wilson - Civils Wars, Act 5, Scene B (Philip Glass)
05 Hector Zazou - False
06 Hector Zazou - Brave
07 Laurie Anderson - When the Jackals Sing
Much of this music was - and still is - otherwise unfamiliar to me. I have titled the pieces as best I can based on the programme, but apologies if I have got anything wrong.

Laurie Anderson, 30 June 1997

Laurie Anderson's Meltdown
Speed of Darkness
Royal Festival Hall, London
Monday, 30 June 1997

Dancing in the moonlight with her wigwam hair
Royal Festival Hall Ballroom
29 May - 6 July 1997

Apologies for the rubbish sound on Speed of Darkness. The microphone obviously wasn't connected properly and there is only a faint hiss on the right channel. If anyone out there is knowledgeable about Magix Audio Cleaning Lab and can guide me on how to remove the right channel, please get in touch. It ran as a continuous performance; the split into parts one and two is just happenstance where I had to change tapes.

"Dancing in the moonlight.." was an installation. This recording was made on 5th July. At the end, you will hear part of the free event going on there as I emerge from the installation into the foyer.

01 Speed of Darkness - Part One

02 Speed of Darkness - Part Two
03 Dancing in the moonlight with her wigwam hair

Links re-upped 27 February 2011