Friday, May 30, 2008

Glenn Branca - Hallucination City

Camden Roundhouse - 12th October 2007

In four movements: “March”, “Anthem”, “Drive” and “Vengeance”. This is an almost complete recording, just the last minute or so of the final movement is missing. Unfortunately, my recorder was accidentally set to double play i.e. half speed, so the quality is not quite what it might have been.

Re-upped 29 September 2017

Saturday, May 17, 2008

Mick Taylor's Blues Summit

Queen Elizabeth Hall, London - Monday, 5th May 2008

The line-up was:
vocals/guitars - Mick Taylor, Terry Reid, Barry McCabe
Keyboard - Max Middleton
Harmonica - Sugar Blue
Bass - Sean Maguire
Drums (left to right) - Colin Allen, Jeffrey van Duffelen, Mitch Mitchell

UPDATE 18th November 2008. I have now re-edited this to include track markers and updated the links in the Rapidshare folder. They played one continuous set, but I have split this into two for the benefit of those who wish to burn to CD.

Part 1
1. Introduction
2. In the Dead of the Night
3. announcements - Mick Taylor
4. Fed up with the Blues
5. You Don’t Love Me
6. announcements - Mick Taylor
7. Losing my Faith
8. announcements - Mick Taylor
9. In A Silent Way/You Gotta Move/Lonely Avenue
10. announcements - Mitch Mitchell, Terry Reid
11. Don’t Worry Baby
12. announcements - Mick Taylor, Terry Reid
13. The Road We Chose
Part 2
1. announcements - Terry Reid
2. Hong Kong
3. announcements -Terry Reid, Mick Taylor, lady in the audience calls for Waterloo Sunset
4. Beautiful Girl
5. announcements - Terry Reid, lady in the audience now calls for Superlungs
6. I’ve Got News for You
7. announcements - Mick Taylor
8. Blind Willie McTell
9. announcements - Mick Taylor
10. No Expectations
11. credits & announcements
12. What'd I Say - false starts
13. encore - nobody over at seems to know what it is, so I think it must just be a 12-bar improvisation

There is some heavy mic scraping for the first few seconds, but this only intrudes on the announcements.
I lost about 10 seconds in the middle of "You Gotta Move" where the tape went into reverse. There is a slightly bigger bit lost from the middle of "Blind Willie McTell" to swap tapes.

Part 1
Part 2
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