Saturday, May 17, 2008

Mick Taylor's Blues Summit

Queen Elizabeth Hall, London - Monday, 5th May 2008

The line-up was:
vocals/guitars - Mick Taylor, Terry Reid, Barry McCabe
Keyboard - Max Middleton
Harmonica - Sugar Blue
Bass - Sean Maguire
Drums (left to right) - Colin Allen, Jeffrey van Duffelen, Mitch Mitchell

UPDATE 18th November 2008. I have now re-edited this to include track markers and updated the links in the Rapidshare folder. They played one continuous set, but I have split this into two for the benefit of those who wish to burn to CD.

Part 1
1. Introduction
2. In the Dead of the Night
3. announcements - Mick Taylor
4. Fed up with the Blues
5. You Don’t Love Me
6. announcements - Mick Taylor
7. Losing my Faith
8. announcements - Mick Taylor
9. In A Silent Way/You Gotta Move/Lonely Avenue
10. announcements - Mitch Mitchell, Terry Reid
11. Don’t Worry Baby
12. announcements - Mick Taylor, Terry Reid
13. The Road We Chose
Part 2
1. announcements - Terry Reid
2. Hong Kong
3. announcements -Terry Reid, Mick Taylor, lady in the audience calls for Waterloo Sunset
4. Beautiful Girl
5. announcements - Terry Reid, lady in the audience now calls for Superlungs
6. I’ve Got News for You
7. announcements - Mick Taylor
8. Blind Willie McTell
9. announcements - Mick Taylor
10. No Expectations
11. credits & announcements
12. What'd I Say - false starts
13. encore - nobody over at seems to know what it is, so I think it must just be a 12-bar improvisation

There is some heavy mic scraping for the first few seconds, but this only intrudes on the announcements.
I lost about 10 seconds in the middle of "You Gotta Move" where the tape went into reverse. There is a slightly bigger bit lost from the middle of "Blind Willie McTell" to swap tapes.

Part 1
Part 2
**Links re-upped 12/01/2016**

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