Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Ivor Cutler, 23rd June 1997

"A Wet Handle"
Part of Laurie Anderson's Meltdown
Queen Elizabeth Hall, London
Monday, 23rd June 1997

First Set
01 applause
02 Doing the Bathroom - Episode Two
03 You Call That Living?
04 On Holiday
05 The Taste of Gunny
06 A Blunt Yashmak
07 The Kiddies
08 The Specific Sundry
09 Just Listen
10 they were going to give me a tumbler...
11 I'm Happy (song)
12 I'm Going in a Field (song) C#
13 I Had a Little Boat (song)
14 Jam (song)
15 Doing the Bathroom - Episode Four - The Qually
16 A Great Albatross
17 A Bird
18 Half and Half
19 Squeaky
20 Oddly Comforting
21 An Original Sweet
22 The Whole Forest
23 She Ran Off
24 Little Hetty
25 Good Morning, How Are You, Shut Up (song)
26 Shoplifters (song)
27 A Suck of My Thumb (song) G
28 I checked up...
29 Out With The Light

Second Set
01 I know what you're thinking, but you're wrong
02 Doing the Bathroom - Episode One
03 I was talking to one or two people...
04 A Loaf of Bread
05 By The Bush
06 My Vest
07 The Thatcher Generation
08 My Disposition
09 It's Stupid
10 Goosey
11 Deedle, Deedly, I Pass (song)
12 Down and Up (song)
13 A Bubble or Two (song)
14 Darling, Will You Marry Me Twice (song)
15 When It Wants
16 Her Zimmer
17 The Farmer's Wife
18 Bets
19 Just in Time
20 The Breaking Point
21 Spring Back
22 Hell
23 A Man
24 The Place
25 Hello Explore
26 Mud (song)
27 A Great Grey Grasshopper (song)
28 What Have You Got (song)
29 A Wooden Tree
30 announcements
31 I'm Walking to a Farm
32 Thank you...

RE-UPPED 17/05/2016

I have more stuff from Laurie Anderson's Meltdown to follow - eventually...

Monday, August 3, 2009

Leonard Barras - the missing episodes

Further to my post of 1 January, I am indebted to Bruce Goatly for filling the gaps with the following:

Eva and Adamson
Part 4 - Either That or Bursitis; Achieving the Unintelligible
(This corrects the title previously given)

Sideways a Bit
The first few words ("The trouble with Tully was...") are unfortunately missing and the next phrase ("nobody ever listened to him.") is muffled because it was at the start of the cassette.

UPDATE - post of 3 February 2012 "Flummoxed Four Times" also includes a re-edit of "Sideways a Bit" with the missing first sentence reinstated.
UPDATE - 18 August 2009

I recently got hold of a copy of the book "Up the Tyne in a Flummox" (you should be able to pick it up cheaply on Amazon). It states that "The various pieces collected in this volume were broadcast on Radio 4 between 1982 and 1986". (The earliest Barras recording I have was first broadcast in 1983, but I believe "Sideways a Bit" was from 1982. Outaspaceman [a keen champion of LB] has suggested there was an earlier series called "Up the Tyne in a Flummox", which would seem logical since I have "Further..." and "Even Further...")

The book includes "Certain Vicissitudes" (a one-off episode), all of "Very Likely" and three quarters of "Further up the Tyne in a Flummox". There are also four titles for which I do not have recordings, viz

A Fearful Conflagration
A Poultice for a Post
Public Exposures
The Finger in the Filing Cabinet

So it seems that the quest for Barras recordings is not yet over.

I tried a Google search for - Barras "A Fearful Conflagration". Nothing led me to "Up the Tyne in a Flummox", but there were a number of hits on Romanian websites, from which it appears the book was translated into Romanian with the title "Iubire in bataia vintului" i.e. Love in a Windy Place. (I'm not sure if there is a direct Romanian equivalent of "flummox".) Here is an example http://anticariat.net/carti/62551/Iubire-in-bataia-vintului-BARRAS-Leonard

"Wallsend Amnesia" looks even funnier in translation! Note the reviewer compares Barras to Chesterton. I look forward to hearing from LB devotees in Romania.

UPDATE. Dead download links removed. Please see post of 16 June 2015 for a complte set of recordings.