Saturday, April 7, 2012

Public Image Ltd, 1 April 2012

Deeper Water
(This Is Not A) Love Song
Lollipop Opera
Swan Lake
Four Enclosed Walls
Garden of Eden
Flowers of Romance
Religion II
One Drop
Through the Woods Out of the Woods
Open Up
Text file
A lossless version is available on dimeadozen

I took a few photos - mostly blurred and out of focus, but shall add any halfway decent pics later

Sunday, April 1, 2012

In the pipeline...

There have been quite a few good gigs lately and loads more coming up.  So I am collecting recordings faster than I can process them.  This is what is in the pipeline at the moment.  I'll update the list as I go.  Please be patient and call back.

11 March - Earth, Mount Eerie, O Paon (Earth and O Paon sets now on dimeadozen)
29 March - Disappears, Booze (Disappears set is on dimeadozen for those who torrent)
2 April - BJ Nilsen, Oren Ambarchi, Daniel Mensche
3 April - Oren Ambarchi, Charlemagne Palestine
6 April - Sven Ake Johansson, Caspar Brotzmann
9 April - Michael Hurley, Josephine Foster
19 April - Cam Deas, Antonie Chessex, Barn Owl
21 April - Bo Ningen

Sorry, but still racking them up faster than I can process them.  I have copied some to a friend who may put them up on dimeadozen some time.  Anyhow, three gigs over four days:
11 May - Undersmile, Serpent Venom, Ishmael
12 May - Damo Suzuki with Bo Ningejn, Umez
14 May - Dylan Carlson, Undersmile
18 May - Live_Transmission (Scanner and Heritage Orchestra)

And it goes on:
6 June - Lee Ranaldo, The Men (a recording by another taper is on dimeadozen)
9 June - Phurpa, Colin Potter, Slomo