Sunday, April 1, 2012

In the pipeline...

There have been quite a few good gigs lately and loads more coming up.  So I am collecting recordings faster than I can process them.  This is what is in the pipeline at the moment.  I'll update the list as I go.  Please be patient and call back.

11 March - Earth, Mount Eerie, O Paon (Earth and O Paon sets now on dimeadozen)
29 March - Disappears, Booze (Disappears set is on dimeadozen for those who torrent)
2 April - BJ Nilsen, Oren Ambarchi, Daniel Mensche
3 April - Oren Ambarchi, Charlemagne Palestine
6 April - Sven Ake Johansson, Caspar Brotzmann
9 April - Michael Hurley, Josephine Foster
19 April - Cam Deas, Antonie Chessex, Barn Owl
21 April - Bo Ningen

Sorry, but still racking them up faster than I can process them.  I have copied some to a friend who may put them up on dimeadozen some time.  Anyhow, three gigs over four days:
11 May - Undersmile, Serpent Venom, Ishmael
12 May - Damo Suzuki with Bo Ningejn, Umez
14 May - Dylan Carlson, Undersmile
18 May - Live_Transmission (Scanner and Heritage Orchestra)

And it goes on:
6 June - Lee Ranaldo, The Men (a recording by another taper is on dimeadozen)
9 June - Phurpa, Colin Potter, Slomo


mike said...

please put the Caspar set up lossless here



JGRAM said...

The Disappears gig was an awesome night.