Saturday, January 31, 2009

Carla Bley, Andy Sheppard, Steve Swallow, 3rd March 1995

Queen Elizabeth Hall, London
Friday, 3rd March 1995

Only 45 minutes worth

01 announcements (CB)
02 Real Life Hits
03 Strange Arrangement
04 announcements (SS)
05 Ups and Downs
06 announcements (CB)
07 Sex with Birds
08 announcements (AS)
09 Mr Misterioso (incomplete)

The set also included "Wrong Key Donkey" but I had run out of tape by then

Support act was Ivor Cutler

Ivor Cutler, 3rd March 1995

Queen Elizabeth Hall, London
Friday, 3rd March 1995

Support to Carla Bley, Andy Sheppard, Steve Swallow

01 A Stuggy Pren
02 The Other Half
03 a military poem
04 Her Body
05 Squashing Hard
06 One Peck Equals Two Gallons
07 Five or Seven
08 Along Fine
09 Lemonade (song)
10 Jackfish (song)
11 Turn to the Right (song)
12 Between Two Walls (song)
13 Hold the Barrel Steady (song)
14 announcements
15 A Steady Job
16 Jabber
17 The Cake of Life
18 A Perpendicular Attitude
19 The Indian Conquest
20 80 Metre Race
21 Lucky Servants
22 Laughing Poker
23 Her Heart
24 Preventive Medicine
25 I Built a House (song)
26 A Ball in a Barrel (song)
27 One of the Best (song)
28 Flies (song)
29 My Next Album (song)
30 Questionnaire (song)
31 A Cowpuncher and a Bird (song)
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Monday, January 26, 2009

Tarika, 17 December 1994

Royal Festival Hall, London
17 December 1994
Support act to Zap Mama - see separate post

01 Vavaka
02 announcements
03 Sadify
04 announcements
05 Taraina
06 announcements
07 Bibiango
08 announcements
09 Ankoay
10 announcement
11 Ondai?
12 announcements
13 Enji?
14 announcements - credits
15 Salam 'Iereo

I cannot trace the songs comprising tracks tracks 11 and 13 on any of Tarika's recordings. I have titled them according to what I think is being said, but no doubt I am wrong. The remaining songs are from the albums Bibiango and Son Egal. The songs here are about a semitone flat in comparison with album versions. It is possible that I copied them from the tape at the wrong speed. But I played this tape back at the same speed as the Zap Mama session (on the other side of the same tape) and other recordings made at the same time on the same recorder and they all seem OK when they are compared to CDs of the same songs.

Sunday, January 25, 2009

Zap Mama, 17 December 1994

Zap Mama
Royal Festival Hall, London
17 December 1994

Only 45 minutes-worth

01 Fi Dunia
02 Citoyen 120
03 Plekete
04 The Mama of the Mamas
05 Furahi
06 Mr Brown (incomplete)
07 India
08 I Shall Be Released (incomplete)

The set also included Babanzele, with the audience being asked to participate with the "Zambia, z-z-Zambia.." refrain

Support act was Tarika. I have a recording and this will be posted soon.

Here is a picture from the RFH events diary. It is not included in the .rar files, so save it from here if you want it.

Sunday, January 18, 2009

Laurie Anderson, 7 June 1995

Laurie Anderson - The Nerve Bible
Royal Festival Hall, London
7 June 1995

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Le Mystère des Voix Bulgares, 16 November 1994

Royal Festival Hall, London
Wednesday, 16 November 1994
First Set
01 unknown title
02 Shopska Pesen I & II
03 Polegnala e Todora
04 instrumental
05 instrumental with vocal soloist
06 Dva Shopski Dueta
07 Tche Da Ti Kupim, Bela Seitsa
08 Dyulmano, Dyulbero
Second Set
09 Houbava Milka
10 unknown title
11 La Rosa en Floresa
12 A Senora Novia
13 Moma Houbava
14 Lazarski Bouenets
15 Pilentze Pee
possibly something missing here
16 Stani Mi, Maytcho (incomplete)
17 Somewhere over the Rainbow
18 Ghiore Dos
This is the first concert I ever bootlegged. Fearful of discovery, I kept the microphone concealed under my shirt, which will explain some of the scraping noises you hear. The recorder did not have auto-reverse and I did not think I would be able to change tapes unnoticed, so I did not carry a spare tape. I hit the pause button in a couple of places during the second set to be sure of having enough tape left for the encores. But in the event, I was overly cautious. As things turned out, some songs were needlessly omitted from the recording and I was left with plenty of blank tape to spare.

Saturday, January 10, 2009

Fast'n'Bulbous, 16 November 2006

Pizza on the Park, London
16 November 2006
Gary Lucas - guitar, Rob Henke - trumpet, Phillip Johnston - alto sax and arrangements, Joe Fiedler - trombone, Dave "the old man of the mountains" Sewelson - beard & baritone sax, Richard Dworkin - drums, Jesse Krakow - mascara and bass guitar

First Set
01 announcements and band credits
02 Pachuco Cadaver
03 announcements - PJ
04 Abba Zaba
05 announcements - PJ, GL
06 poem 'Untitled' - GL
07 announcements
08 When I See Mommy I Feel Like a Mummy
09 announcements
10 A Carrot is as Close as a Rabbit Gets to a Diamond
11 announcements
12 Sugar'n'Spikes
13 announcements
14 Click Clack/Ice Cream for Crow
15 story of "Evening Bell" (10 seconds lost where tape reverses)
16 Evening Bell
17 announcements
18 Dali's Car
19 announcements
20 Suction Prints

Second Set
01 announcements
02 When Big Joan Sets Up
03 When It Blows It Stacks
04 announcements
05 Hollow Smoke
06 announcements
07 Veteran's Day Poppy
08 The Blimp (narration - Phillip Johnston)
09 announcements
10 Flavor Bud Living
11 announcements
12 Blabber'n'Smoke
13 You Know You're A Man
14 announcements & band credits
15 Kandy Korn
16 applause - 'more, more' - announcements
17 encore - Tropical Hot Dog Night
18 exchange with Gary Lucas on the way out

First set
Second set
A few pictures, including Quicktime video clip of Tropical Hotdog Night
Personnel and track listing

Thursday, January 1, 2009

Leonard Barras

If you found this blog while searching for Leonard Barras, he will need no introduction from me. If you do not know of him, his obituary in The Guardian will tell you something about the man and his work.
They describe him as "Beachcomber meets Flann O'Brien" and others have compared him to Ivor Cutler and Spike Milligan. I'd say there are also similarities to Peter Tinniswood and N.F. Simpson.

During the 1980s and 1990s, BBC Radio 4 made several broadcasts of Barras reading his own stories. I taped a number of them and here they are. There is the odd bit of intereference but overall I think the quality is fair. At any rate, as far as I know, none of Barras's readings are commercially available at present, so I think they are better than nothing. If anybody out there can add to the collection, please leave a comment or e-mail me direct at the address given in my profile.

Certain Vicissitudes

Very Likely (three episodes) -
Love in a Windy Place
Nothing Like Flute Practice
Third Time and Still Unlucky

Further up the Tyne in a Flummox (four episodes)
Last Night, Ah Yesternight & Not the Food of Love
A Number of Mean Things & The Case of Many Legs
Ambition's Debt & A Sanctified Artefact
A Hanging Matter & Her Voice Was Ever Soft

Even Further up the Tyne in a Flummox (four episodes)
Much Persuasion & Rhubarb, A Conservative View
Find Truth for Yourself & The Turnip in the Night
Worms Have Eaten Them & Quite Unlike A Singing Bird
Laid on with a Trowel & Everything but Vertigo

Eva and Adamson (three of four episodes)
Not Another Oven Glove & Loping through the Slush
All Circumstances are Grey in the Dark & Words without Songs
Lampooned with Love & Nothing To Do with a Hereford Bull
missing episode:
Battle of Bursitis & Achieving the Unintelligible
The recordings I have are a mixture from the first broadcasts and repeats. Somehow, I managed to miss the fourth episode both times.

Quintessentially Flummoxed (four episodes)
Days of Reflection & Relatively Absolute
Suffering is Permanent & Vibrating in the Memory
Only Stars Above You & After Me In Vain
Such Love as Spirits Feel & After the Flood

Text file with dates of broadcasts

UPDATE. Please see post of 3 August 2009 for additional episodes.
UPDATE. Dead links removed. Please see post of 16 June 2015 for links to the complete collection of recordings