Monday, January 26, 2009

Tarika, 17 December 1994

Royal Festival Hall, London
17 December 1994
Support act to Zap Mama - see separate post

01 Vavaka
02 announcements
03 Sadify
04 announcements
05 Taraina
06 announcements
07 Bibiango
08 announcements
09 Ankoay
10 announcement
11 Ondai?
12 announcements
13 Enji?
14 announcements - credits
15 Salam 'Iereo

I cannot trace the songs comprising tracks tracks 11 and 13 on any of Tarika's recordings. I have titled them according to what I think is being said, but no doubt I am wrong. The remaining songs are from the albums Bibiango and Son Egal. The songs here are about a semitone flat in comparison with album versions. It is possible that I copied them from the tape at the wrong speed. But I played this tape back at the same speed as the Zap Mama session (on the other side of the same tape) and other recordings made at the same time on the same recorder and they all seem OK when they are compared to CDs of the same songs.

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