Sunday, December 28, 2008

Maria João, Mário Laginha, 10 November 2001

Maria João (voice), Mário Laginha (piano), Toninho Ferragutti (accordion), Helge Norbakken (drums and percussion): collectively known as "Mumadji"
London Jazz Festival + Atlantic Waves 2001
Purcell Room
Saturday, 10th November, 2001

Part One
01 introduction for BBC World Service "Jazzmatazz" (Alan Shipton)
02 em tão pouco tempo escureceu tanto
03 preto e branco
04 um choro feliz
05 asa branca
06 announcements & band credits
07 há gente aqui
08 un amor

There was a short break here to change tapes. I think I have only lost some applause. I have kept the two halves as separate files for the benefit of those wishing to burn to CD.

Part Two
09 várias danças
10 applause "more, more" etc.
11 a lua partida meio
Re-up of Part 3

Excerpts from the concert, including an interview with Maria and Mário, were broadcast on the BBC World Service on 24 November 2001.

The sound quality is quite poor - even by my fairly undemanding standards. The BBC World Service is aimed primarily at overseas listeners and reception in the UK can leave something to be desired.

01 introduction - Alan Shipton
02 em tão pouco tempo escureceu tanto
03 preto e branco
04 Alan Shipton interviews Maria João and Mário Laginha
05 um choro feliz
06 closing announcements over "a lua partida meio"

That is all I have from Maria - until she visits England again.

Saturday, December 27, 2008

Maria João, Mário Laginha, 11 November 1998

Maria João (voice), Mário Laginha (piano), Miroslav Tadic (guitar), Marcelo Doctor (percussion)
Oris London Jazz Festival
Royal Festival Hall
Wednesday, 11th November, 1998

01 introduction
02 Charles on a Sunday with Sunday Clothes
03 preto e branco
04 saris e capulanas
05 asa branca
06 announcements & band credits
07 várias danças

Re-upped as a single file ML 1998-11-11 _320.rar

Maria was support act to John McLaughlin. See separate post which also includes scans of the programme.

Friday, December 26, 2008

John McLaughlin, 11 November 1998

John McLaughlin with The Heart of Things
Oris London Jazz Festival
Wednesday, 11 November 1998

John McLaughlin (guitar), Gary Thomas (saxophone & flute), Otmaro Ruiz (keyboards), Matthew Garrison (bass guitar), Victor Williams (percussion), Dennis Chambers (drums)

01 Seven Sisters (false start)
02 "just one minute"
03 Seven Sisters
04 announcements & band credits
05 Mr DC
06 Fallen Angels
07 "Have a nice evening"
08 Mother Tongues (incomplete)

Ran out of tape after about an hour
Programme 198-11-11 programme scans.rar
File re-upped.  Random picture added.

Support act was Maria Joao. Links to follow.

Wednesday, December 24, 2008

Stan Tracey, 30 January 2008

Stan Tracey Big Band
Barbican, London
30th January 2008

Owing to a technical hitch, I did not manage to record the first set, comprising performances by the Octet and a duet between Stan Tracey and Keith Tippett. I have only the second set comprising the "Genesis"suite and encore "Little Man You've Had a Busy Day".

Sunday, December 21, 2008

Maria João & Mário Laginha, 19 November 1995

Maria João (voice), Mário Laginha (piano)
London International Jazz Festival
Royal Festival Hall
Sunday, 19th November, 1995

01 introduction
02 O vos omnes
03 Fábula
04 Coisas da Terra
05 Saudosa Maloca
06 Várias Danças

This was the first time I had ever heard Maria and I have been a huge fan ever since.

Wayne Shorter, 19 November, 1995

London International Jazz Festival
Royal Festival Hall
Sunday, 19 November, 1995

Wayne Shorter (saxophones), Rachel Z (keyboards), Adam Holzman (keyboards), Tracy Warmworth (bass), Frankie Colon (percussion), Will Calhoun (drums), David Gilmore (guitar)

01 title unknown
02 At The Fair
03 Maya
04 announcements & band credits - Wayne Shorter
05 Pandora Awakened (incomplete)

I did not have a spare tape with me, so the recording ends after about an hour. If you can assist with the title of the first piece, please leave a comment.

The performance was subsequently broadcast on BBC Radio and I think I have a recording of it somewhere. I'll upload it if I find it.

Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Responses to Reich, 8 October 2008

Barbican Theatre, London
Sunday, 8 October 2008

David Lang - World to Come
Maya Beiser - cello

Glenn Branca - Lesson No. 3 for Electric Guitar (A Tribute to Steve Reich)

Steve Reich - Electric Counterpoint
Dominic Frasca - guitar

Gavin Bryars - The Stones of the Arch
Kronos Quartet, Theatre of Voices, and Philip Jeck, turntables

Correction.  Date was 8 October 2006
A few seconds in the middle of Lesson No. 3 were lost as the tape reversed
The end of The Stones of the Arch is missing, as the tape ran out

John Scofield, Mark-Anthony Turnage, 11 February 2006

John Scofield Trio, Scottish Chamber Orchestra - Scorched
Joe Lovano (saxophone) - A Man Descending
Barbican, London
Saturday, 11 February 2006

This was the first outing with a new cassette recorder and I learnt the hard way how easy it was to press some of the buttons uninitentionally. A Man Descending was accidentally recorded at double-play i.e. half speed. Mishaps with the pause button meant I lost most of the John Scofield Trio performance in the first half of the programme, along with one or two movements at the start of Scorched. But I hope it is better than nothing. Comparisons with the Deutsche Grammophon release of 2002 will show how the piece has evolved during the intervening period.
Track listing