Sunday, December 21, 2008

Wayne Shorter, 19 November, 1995

London International Jazz Festival
Royal Festival Hall
Sunday, 19 November, 1995

Wayne Shorter (saxophones), Rachel Z (keyboards), Adam Holzman (keyboards), Tracy Warmworth (bass), Frankie Colon (percussion), Will Calhoun (drums), David Gilmore (guitar)

01 title unknown
02 At The Fair
03 Maya
04 announcements & band credits - Wayne Shorter
05 Pandora Awakened (incomplete)

I did not have a spare tape with me, so the recording ends after about an hour. If you can assist with the title of the first piece, please leave a comment.

The performance was subsequently broadcast on BBC Radio and I think I have a recording of it somewhere. I'll upload it if I find it.


Reimer said...

Thanks Phil - Wayne's gigs are few and far between.

Good blog, this - VERY Catholic.

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