Saturday, December 27, 2008

Maria João, Mário Laginha, 11 November 1998

Maria João (voice), Mário Laginha (piano), Miroslav Tadic (guitar), Marcelo Doctor (percussion)
Oris London Jazz Festival
Royal Festival Hall
Wednesday, 11th November, 1998

01 introduction
02 Charles on a Sunday with Sunday Clothes
03 preto e branco
04 saris e capulanas
05 asa branca
06 announcements & band credits
07 várias danças

Re-upped as a single file ML 1998-11-11 _320.rar

Maria was support act to John McLaughlin. See separate post which also includes scans of the programme.


Anonymous said...!download|0p7|177254481|Maria_Joao_1998-11-11__320.part1.rar|0|0|0|File%20not%20found.%20%28e029a7af%29

part one not available but part 2 is !!
also concert program is not available

Any chance you could upload Part one again

and can you take more than one cassette if you ever switch back to using cassettes again :)


Phil said...

OK thanks for letting me know. Gve me a few days. And I don't think I'll be going back to cassettes!