Thursday, December 23, 2010

Joanne Shaw Taylor, Virgil McMahon, The Stone Electric, London, 16 November 2010

Sorry for the distortion on some of these tracks.  The mic gain was set a bit too high.

The Stone Electric
Noni Crow - bass guitar, vocals
Austyn Crow - guitar
Dave Godden - drums

The Elephant
Beggars Would Ride
Be With You
Gotta Get Out
Soul to Shine
Mercy Me
Tequila Mockingbird

Virgil McMahon - acoustic guitar, vocals

Oreo Blues
If You Have to Know

Joanne Shaw Taylor Band
Joanne Shaw Taylor - guitar, vocals
Virgil McMahon - bass guitar
Gabriel McMahon - drums

Shake & Bake (unannounced instrumental - title guessed on basis of other gig info on
Going Home
Let It Burn
White Sugar
Rude Mood
Your Time Has Come
Manic Depression
Dead and Gone
Kiss The Ground Goodbye
Watch 'Em Burn
Blackest Day
Going Down
Black Country Soul
Update 6 January  2011.  Someone has update my listing on to confirm the first title as Shake'n'Bake

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