Saturday, December 18, 2010

John Mayall, Marcus Bonfanti, London, 1 November 2010

Marcus Bonfanti - guitar, harmonica, vocals

01 God Only Knows
02 Devil Girl
03 What Good Am I To You
04 Now I'm Gone (Is You Life Better)
05 Messin' Round No More
06 Sweet Louise
07 Give Me Your Cash

John Mayall - keyboards, harmonica, vocals

Rocky Athas - guitar
Greg Rzab - bass
Jay Davenport - Drums

01 introduction
02 Another Man Done Gone
03 band introductions
04 Chicago Line
05 Riding on the L & N
06 So Many Roads
07 Checking on my Baby
08 Movin' Out and Movin' On
09 Mail Order Mystics
10 How Can You Live Like That?
11 Parchman Farm
12 Early in the Morning
13 Maydell
14 California
15 My Time After a While
16 Room to Move
17 credits, applause, "more, more"
18 encore - Hideaway


Anonymous said...

Caught Mayall's show from this tour in Toronto, Canada, in a sweaty, packed shoulder-to-shoulder bar, and loved every minute of it. The setlist is pretty similar, although much more laid-back versions of the songs. Nonetheless, a great recording of a great musician. Thanks!

Phil said...

The gig was being filmed (and theatre staff were actively stopping the audience taking their own photos or videos, hence nothing on YouTube). Maybe one day a DVD will appear (or just a couple of seconds footage in a documentary).