Saturday, January 2, 2010

Laurie Anderson, 30 June 1997

Laurie Anderson's Meltdown
Speed of Darkness
Royal Festival Hall, London
Monday, 30 June 1997

Dancing in the moonlight with her wigwam hair
Royal Festival Hall Ballroom
29 May - 6 July 1997

Apologies for the rubbish sound on Speed of Darkness. The microphone obviously wasn't connected properly and there is only a faint hiss on the right channel. If anyone out there is knowledgeable about Magix Audio Cleaning Lab and can guide me on how to remove the right channel, please get in touch. It ran as a continuous performance; the split into parts one and two is just happenstance where I had to change tapes.

"Dancing in the moonlight.." was an installation. This recording was made on 5th July. At the end, you will hear part of the free event going on there as I emerge from the installation into the foyer.

01 Speed of Darkness - Part One

02 Speed of Darkness - Part Two
03 Dancing in the moonlight with her wigwam hair

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Bodhi Amol said...

Hello, thanks for sharing ,but the the sheet is of no worth ,since the scan is much too small.
After using magnification,I can't read anything,because it is pixeled too much...

Phil said...

Try left-clicking on the image. That will bring it up to full size.