Saturday, December 3, 2011

The Magic Band, Alexander Tucker, 30 November 2011

Alexander Tucker
The Magic Band
John "Drumbo" French - vocals, drums, harmonica
Mark "Rockette Morton" Boston - bass guitar
Denny "Feelers Reebo" Walley - guitar
Eric Klerks - guitar
Craig Bunch - drums
Steal Softly Thru Snow
Abba Zaba
Low Yo Yo
Diddy Wah Diddy
Smithsonian Institute Blues
Hair Pie - bass solo
When It Blows It Stacks
Nowadays A Woman's Gotta Hit a Man
Clear Spot
Kandy Korn
Hair Pie
On Tomorrow (instrumental)
Alice In Blunderland
My Human Gets Me Blues (instrumental)
Suction Prints
Grow Fins
The Floppy Boot Stomp
Click Clack
Big Eyed Beans from Venus
Orange Claw Hammer (Jon French's mic was switched off part way through and some members of the audience finished the song)


Anonymous said...

thanks for the great recording

Phil said...

You're welcome. For those who torrent, a lossless version is on dimeadozen - along with three other recordings of the same gig!

Anonymous said...

Unable to open part 2: 'BAD BLOCK' 'Orange Clawhammer' is what I get.

Phil said...

I'm guessing you are trying to open part 2 on its own. WinRAR sometimes splits a file across two parts and in this case, all you have is an incomplete fragment. If you have parts 1 & 2 and extract one part with WinRAR, it should automatically find the other and join up any split files. (If you don't have WinRAR, I believe 7zip - free download - will do the same job.)

Bubo said...

I'm using AlphaZIP. Never had a problem with it in years. Two .zip files, though, means opening them both. I give up with it. A grillion thanks, however, for the other most excellent stuff, 'Wadaiko Ichiro Drummers', 'Keiji Haino/Steve Noble', 'Heather Leigh', et al.

I've, strangely enough, just been captivated by West African 'Highlife' music. Courtesy of the superb Global Groove blog. I'll certainly be back to give your stuff a thorough going over soon, though. Thanks for your selfless altruism in making these excellent live performances available. Heaven holds a place for thee, methinks.

Phil said...

Thanks for your kind words. I started recording gigs only for my own amusement. But then I discovered a lot of music blogs out there, so thought I might as well pitch in with my stuff. And through linking up with others, I have expanded my musical horizons considerably. I don't have any gigs coming up for a few weeks, so might be able to catch up with some of the stuff that is still in the can. If you are still having trouble getting Orange Claw Hammer, I have upped it separately