Sunday, January 2, 2011

Sonic Youth, Shellac, The Pop Group, Factory Floor - London, 31 December 2010

Factory Floor
Dom Butler (electronics)
Gabe Gurnsey (drums)
Nik Colk (vocals/ guitar)

I have treated this set as one continuous piece. If anyone knows different, please let me know.

The Pop Group
Mark Stewart (lyrics, vocals)
Gareth Sager (guitar, keyboard, clarinet)
Dan Catsis (bass)
Bruce Smith (drums)
There was a second guitarist on stage, but so far I have not been able to identify him

She Is Beyond Good and Evil
Colour Blind
Thief of Fire
Don't Call Me Pain
We Are All Prostitutes
Words Disobey Me
We Are Time

Steve Albini - guitar, vocals
Todd Trainer - drums
Bob Weston - bass

Steady as She Goes
A Minute
Squirrel Song
Killers (mostly instrumental but with final spoken "I side with the defenders - the defenders of fun!")
End of Radio
Dude, Incredible

Sonic Youth
Thurston Moore (vocals and guitar)
Kim Gordon (vocals, bass)
Lee Ranaldo (vocals and guitar)
Steve Shelley (drums)
Mark Ibold (bass)

Brother James
No Way
Sacred Trickster
Calming the Snake
Hey Joni
Poison Arrow
Schizophrenia (announced as "Sister")
What We Know (announced as "Steve Albini's Panties")
Massage The History
Re-upped 24 April 2011

The Sprawl
'Cross The Breeze
Encore 2:
Kool Thing


rappard said...

Thanks! Are these lossless (FLAC) downloads?

Phil said...

No they are mp3 (320kbps). Never got my head around FLAC!

Anonymous said...

Thanks a lot for this one!
Apart from Factory Floor - really boring IMHO, it was an awesome gig, I was on the very first row.

Phil said...

You're welcome. I was about 2/3 of the way back (so I couldn't get any decent video clips).

DG Jones said...

Awesome - you're a hero. Thank You!

Anonymous said...

I was flat on my back with Flu when this was going on, very depressed I was missing this. THANK YOU so much for these.

Pip said...

Many Thanks For The Pop Group.
Best Live Recording I've Heard
From Them. Fantastic Stuff.
Thank You

Mona said...

Big thanx from down under too. Saw them live in the old days and so wish that I'd been back in the UK for these shows. Wld you mind if I link to this post from my blog?

Itsonu said...

I'm now listening to the Pop Group (Thief of Fire). Great band, great sound. Saw them in september in London. Best gig since longtime. Many thanks for this one.

itsonu (again...) said...

PS. got the link from Mona, thanks for that too;-)

itsonu said...

BTW. Don't call me pain is actually "Sense of Purpose"

Mona said...

Man you have made our day obvs. I did mention this to an On-U list I am on but wld love to post it at my blog...linking back to you of course.

Phil said...


Yes, please feel free to post a link. I shall do likewise with you blog.


I see what you mean about Don't Call Me Pain/Sense of Purpose. As my old maths teacher was wont to say "These things are set to trap the unwary schoolboy".

Cheers, Phil

DJ PIGG said...

Excellent... I look forward to hearing The Pop Group and Shellac.

Thanks to Mona for the link of course!

Anonymous said...

Please re-up! the pop group show!

Thank you!

Phil said...

Sorry for the late response. The e-mail notification went straight to my junk folder and I've just discovered it. Shall get on to it soon.