Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Gong, Nik Turner's Space Ritual, London, 11 September 2010

Nik Turner's Space Ritual
Nik Turner - saxophone, vocals

Thomas Crimble - Hammond organ
Michael Slattery - guitar
Terry Ollis - drums
Chris Purdon - audio generators, synthesisers
Jerry Richards - bass
Miss Angel - dancing

Jane Roberts - merchandising
Ernie Priestland - Road Manager
Jasper - lighting

Incomplete set:
Caught out yet again because the advanced publicity only said what time the doors opened

Steppenwolf (incomplete)
Sonic Savages
Unknown - band credits over intro
Nik Turner mp3@320
29/12/2014 - link corrected
Daevid Allen - guitar, vocals
Steve Hillage - guitar
Miquette Giraudy - synthesiser
Shakti Yoni (Gilli Smith) - space whisper
Chris Taylor - drums
Dave Sturt on bass
Ian East - saxophone
(Can't make out the name of the sound man - Lord Front Esquire?)
Jasper Johns - light show

Radio Gnome
Oily Way
Outer Temple
Inner Temple
She Made The World
Dynamite / I Am Your Animal
Digital Girl
Yoni Poem (I Am a Witch)
Dance with The Pixies
Escape Control Delete
Radio Gnome Invisible
Tropical Fish / Selene
The Year 2032
Wacky Baccy Banker
Tequila (snippet)
I Never Glid Before
Flute Salad
Pinkle, Ponkle
Master Builder
You Can't Kill Me
You Never Blow Yr Trip Forever
Gong part one mp3@320
Gong part two mp3@320


Anonymous said...

Thanks for many aural candies.
Could you please reupload part 1 of the Gong show.

Phil said...


Anonymous said...

Merci beaucoup !

Mr Grimsdale said...

Great stuff, thanks!

Mr Grimsdale said...

can you re-post the second part?

Phil said...

The file is still live on rapidshare bt it looks like the link wasn't working properly. I've deleted the link and re-posted it. I think that's fixed it. Try again and see if you have any luck.

Nanna said...

Could you please upload everything again? I was at the concert in 2010, and I would love to experience it once again!

Phil said...

Sorry for the aggravation. Rapidshare has decided to set all files to private by default, so only the uploader can access them. There are ways to make them public, but I still have a bit of work to do on that. Meanwhile, please bear with me. Once things are sorted, I'll make a new post at the front of the blog to announce it. I also have the Gong show from Shepherds Bush last November still in the can.

Phil said...

OK it looks like I'm back in business. Please try again.