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Orchard Theatre, Dartford
Monday, 4th March 1996

Paul Jones (harmonica, vocal), Dave Kelly (guitar, vocal), Tom McGuinness (guitar, vocal), Rob Townsend (drums), Gary Fletcher (bass, vocal)

This was an all-acoustic set featuring all the tracks from the album "Wire-Less" plus the medley, Work Song and the missing encore.

First Set
01 announcements (DK)
02 San Francisco Bay Blues
03 announcements (PJ)
04 T-Nicey Mama
05 announcements (TM)
06 Sitting on Top of the World
07 announcements (PJ)
08 Room and Board
09 announcements (DK)
10 D-Day Blues
11 I Can't Stand the Rain
12 announcements (TM)
13 Withering the Picks
14 announcements (TM)
15 Sweet Temptation
16 announcements (DK)
17 Stealin' Stealin'

Second Set
01 announcements (TM)
02 Alimony Blues
03 announcements (PJ, TM)
04 Stranger Blues
05 announcements (PJ, DK)
06 Jitterbug Swing
07 announcements (GF)
08 Told No Lies
09 Keys to the Highway
10 announcements (PJ, DK)
11 Frankie Jean
12 announcements (PJ)
13 I'm Not Ashamed to Sing the Blues
14 announcements (TM)
15 Crazy 'bout Me
16 announcements (PJ)
17 Too Young to Know
18 announcements (DK) - enter Benny Gallagher
19 Medley - The Walk, When I'm Dead and Gone, If You Gotta Go
20 announcements (PJ)
21 Work Song

Tape ran out. At least one encore was missed
Personnel and track list

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