Sunday, February 22, 2009

Bill Frisell Quartet, 17 July 1996

Part of the 'Sharp New America' season
Queen Elizabeth Hall, London
Wednesday, 17th July 1996
Bill Frisell (guitar), Curtis Fowlkes (trombone), Ron Miles (trumpet), Eyvind Kang (violin)

First Set
01 introductions
02 The Rain in Spain
03 Twenty Years/Egg Radio
04 'Thank you very much'
05 The Bacon Bunch
06 unknown title

Second Set
01 'Still trying to think of something to say'
02 In Deep
03 unknown/In Deep
04 unknown/No Moe/I Got Rhythm
05 Dead Ranch
06 'You're so friendly'
07 What the World Needs Now Is Love
08 I Say a Little Prayer
09 'We'd better come up with something good now'
10 When I Fall in Love

'When I Fall in Love' is missing the end, but it sounds like I have lost only a few bars.

I have not been able to put names to all of these tunes. Additionally, some of the performances here are medleys and I may not have identified all of the constituents.

First Set
Second Set


hambone said...

Thank you for posting all this wonderful stuff. I have downloaded the Frisell concert and can't wait to listen to it.
Thanks again.


Phil said...

Hi Bill,

It's good to hear from you. i hope you won't be dissappointed. I have now invested in a digital recorder, which eliminates the "running out of tape" problem.

There is an interesting connection between this concert and the more recent post of Sunn O))) at Koko. Eyvind Kang, heard here on violin with Frisell, is also credited with with viola and ensemble arrangements for Sunn O)))'s "Monoliths & Dimensions" CD.

I have a recording of Bill Frisell concert with the BBC Symphony Orchestra on 19 November 2009 at the Barbican. I'll try and move that one up the queue, but I won't promise when.


tak yam said...

Hi, Phil
Would you be able to repost this show and Bill Frisell and Mike Gibbs with BBCSymphony Orchestra in 2009? I'm collecting Frisell bootlegs and if you are interested we can do some trades. Please let me know.


Phil said...

Hi Tak,
Sorry for the late response. I hadn't been getting notifications for comments posted here. Leave it with me. I'll get around to it one day!