Sunday, February 8, 2009

B.B. King, 30 June 1996

Royal Albert Hall, London
30 June 1996

Support act -Big Joe Turner's Memphis Blues Caravan

Only 19 minutes. This was still back in the days when I tried to fit everything on one tape. To preserve as much as possibe of the B.B. King session, I flipped the tape and overwrote some of the BJT stuff.

The history of the blues has seen more than one "Big Joe Turner". This one was a bass player who had worked with B.B. King amongst others. Sadly he is no longer with us. For more information see:

I don't have the complete line-up, but from contemporary accounts I have found, I think the vocalist must be Eugene "Hideaway" Bridges

01 I'm Leaving on that Midnight Train(?) (incomplete)
02 No Response
03 My Take-Home Pay Just Won't Take Me Home

B.B. King
Orchestra: Leon Warren (guitar), James Toney (keyboards), Walter King (saxophone), Melvin Jackson (saxophone), James Bolden (trumpet), Michael Doster (bass), Calep Emphrey (drums)

01 Opening Theme - B.B. King Orchestra
02 Slow blues in A flat
03 enter B.B. King (gap in the middle to change tapes)
04 Let the Good Times Roll
05 Chains of Love
06 When It All Comes Down
07 Five Long Years
08 Paying the Cost to be the Boss
09 Eight Bar Blues in G
10 We're Gonna Make It
11 Blues Man
12 All Over Again
13 Why I Sing The Blues (end missing)
14 Rock Me Baby (start missing)
15 Guess Who
16 The Thrill Is Gone - exit

Sorry about the shouty man who was sitting near me.


Roger 2Maddog" Cohen said...

Big Joe Turners Memphis Blues Caravan at that gig featured:
Big Joe Turner. Bass.
Eugene "Hideaway" Bridges. Vocals and guitar.
Roger "Maddog" Cohen. Guitar.
Peter Zjikovic. Keyboards.
Sam Kelly. Drums.

Phil said...

Thanks very much for this Roger. Sorry I did not manage to preserve the complete set. I can't think why it never occurred to me to carry a spare tape.

George said...

I'm glad i found your Concert Page !!! Especially seeing your B.B. King 96 show. I've been a BB fan/collector for 2 decades. I have a few hundred live tapes. I never knew this night was recorded. BB was still on his feet for the entire tour, He was a great performer. This was good to hear, Thanks for sharing your master tapes with us. Cheers George