Friday, September 11, 2009

Glenn Branca Electric Guitar Swarm, Barbican, London, 31 October 1998

First, a general comment. As I have said before, I still have several years worth of recordings to digitise and upload. Identifying all the performers and titles, adding and labelling track markers, scanning in any programmes etc. all takes time. So from here on in, I am likely to just upload the recording as it stands, with little editing beyond noise filtering. If you can add any information, please feel free to leave a comment.

My portable cassette recorder was starting to show its age and was becoming temperamental. So I have only four segments of the concert - none of them complete - totalling just over 1 hour. For a review, see

The four segments are:

John Myers' Blastula - announcement and first few minutes only
Wharton Tier's set - incomplete
Phil Kline 'Chant' - incomplete
Glenn Branca, Symphony No. 12 Tonal Sexus - start missing

So this is a flawed recording of symphony No. 12, but I think it is the best available at the moment. It has not been commercially released and I have not found any unofficial recordings anwhere.

(Apologies but the files are dated 1999 instead of 1998 in error.)

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