Tuesday, June 16, 2015

Leonard Barras Complete Radio Broadcasts

As some of you will know, the download links on previous Barras posts are now dead. The recordings had been accumulated and uploaded piecemeal as other Barrasophiles kindly assisted in filling the gaps. I have taken the opportunity to rearrange the recordings into chronological order and am now happy to present them here.

1982 - Sideways a Bit
1983 - Certain Vicissitudes
1984 - Very Likely (three episodes)
1985 - Up The Tyne in a Flummox (five episodes)
1986 - Further up The Tyne in a Flummox (four episodes)
1988 - Even Further up The Tyne in a Flummox (four episodes)
1989 - Flummoxed Four Times (four episodes)
1991 - Eva and Adamson (four episodes)
1993 - Eva and Adamson Again (four episodes)
1996 - Quintessentially Flummoxed (four episodes)


hazel donkin said...

thanks for this, appreciated

Anonymous said...

A million thanks, much appreciated.

winerwalker said...

Amazing find. I first heard some of these in the late 1970s, I think. Hilarious, still.