Wednesday, September 5, 2012

Oren Ambarchi & John Tilbury, Cafe OTO, 3 September 2012

Oren Ambarchi - guitar, electronics
John Tilbury - piano

This is a somewhat flawed recording.  Based on previous Ambarchi performances, I initially set the mic to low gain.  But here he was keeping the volume at a level compatible with Tilbury's piano.
The performance started VERY quietly and didn't get much louder.  So I successively increased the level to medium then high, unfortunately introducing some mic scraping into the recording.  Recording quiet source material at high gain also captures a lot of unwanted noise.
(Yes I know I should invest in a lavalier mic). Oren Ambarchi and John Tilbury.mp3.rar
(The date was 3 September, but some of the files are mislabelled 5 September.)

It looks like this session now has an official release


kingpossum said...

Sincere thanks for what you do here. Great blog, it's really great to hear the Barn Owl stuff.

Any chance to re-up Diamanda Galas? The rar file doesn't open for me.

You have great taste in music,

Phil said...

Thank you for your kind words. I hope I can catch up with all the unprocessed recordings soon.

I've just tested the DG file and it works OK. Could I suggest that you try downloading again. Files do occasionally become corrupted as they travel down the wires. You should have something 155MB (159,567kb) in size.

kingpossum said...

Mega, thanks. The rar file kept calling up Adobe before, but I'll try again.

It'd be great to hear what you experienced that night with Ms. Galas, one of the 100 coolest people who's ever lived, in my book.


kingpossum said...

The Galas file opened I just need to figure out how to get it out of Adobe Media Encoder!

Weird, this is the only file of yours that launched Adobe Media Encoder.


Anonymous said...

Thanks very much for this


Phil said...

Glad to hear that kingpossum. I think the problem must be at your end if it is launching Adobe Media Encoder. I don't have that so I can't see how there would be a link in the file as I uploaded it.

Phil said...

hotelmaidssmileinunison - just sorry the recording isn't better quality.

jmw said...

I just discovered this place, wonderful blog! I love both of these guys. Is there anyway you might up a FLAC set? In any case, thanks so much!