Saturday, July 21, 2012

Live_Transmission 18 May 2012

Brighton Festival 2012
Scanner and Heritage Orchestra rework Joy Division

This is a prelimary version in glorious 128 kbps.
I'm sure many of you are much more familiar with Joy Division's work than I am.  If you can assist in identifying any of the songs incorporated in this piece, please leave a comment or contact me direct (e-mail address in my profile)

11 August 2012.  Thirty five downloads so far.  Someone must be able to help fill in some of the blanks.  The sooner I have that, the sooner I'll re-up at 320 kbps.

16 August 2012.  Thaks to the Burton Bootlegger, all themes now identified and reuploaded at 320 kpbs.


Anonymous said...

I thought this was going to be easy.... but it isn't

03 Dead Souls
04 ...could be Shes Lost Control
05 ?????

07 Heart and Soul



Phil said...

Thanks for that. Three (or two and a bit) down and one to go. They "reworked" Joy Division; it wasn't a straight tribute show. If all else fails I could ask Scanner himself, but I quite enjoy the challenge.

the Burton Bootlegger said...

Had another listen... Now more certain about She's Lost Control... The strings start playing the guitar chorus about half way through.
Track 5 , I think is Isolation from the album Closer. The synth riff is in there but messed about a bit, the bass line is definitely in there.
Nice recording apart from the talkative audience


Phil said...

Thanks again for the update. I'll now add the titles and reup at 320 kbps. Not a lot I could do about the audience, I'm afraid. I was in the standing area in front of the stage. And when people are on their feet, they seem to think it is a licence to talk.

Robin Rimbaud said...

Amusing to see you try and work these out as few of them are strictly 'cover versions' as such. If you are still completely lost I can give you the titles.

Hopefully the mixing desk recordings and video will be uploaded soon too :-)

Keep up the sharing work


Phil said...

Hi Robin,

Thanks for dropping by. Putting titles to pieces is a regular challenge for the guerilla sound archivist, particularly when they are not direct covers. This is what we came up with:

Dead Souls
She's Lost Control
Heart and Soul
Love Will Tear Us Apart

How did we do?

I look forward to the recordings/video.