Friday, December 25, 2009

Terry Riley, 23 October 1998

Terry Riley, Jarvis Cocker, Members of Pulp, Smith String Quartet
American Pioneers
Barbican, London

Friday, 23 October 1998

First Set
01 Terry Riley - announcements
02 Terry Riley - Keyboard Study No 2 for piano
03 Smith String Quartet - Good Medicine
04 Terry Riley - announcements
05 Terry Riley - MissiGono

Second Set
06 announcements, applause etc.
07 In C (end missing)

In C lasted over one hour so it overran the available tape length

You will notice there is missing track 06. This is the introduction to In C. Owing to some technical glitch which I have not yet been able to fathom, this track was skipped in the conversion to mp3. On balance, I have decided to go with what I've got, rather than spend days trying to get to the bottom of the problem. You really aren't missing much.


Anonymous said...

Thats a lovely trancey version of In C Phil,much less frenetic than other versions I have,I think my favourite one is the L'Infonie one-did you attend the Ornette Coleman Meltdown,just wondered if you have any of the Jajouk/Patti Smith/Ornette stuff.Thank you ever so much for posting the Riley piece.

Phil said...

Being at a performance of In C - especially with the man himself - is not just being at a concert. There is a definite sense of occasion. At this performance, I was reminded of the central role of The Pulse. Noticing at one point that nobody was "minding the shop", Riley himself took up The Pulse.

Sorry but the only performance from OC's Meltdown I attended is that of 21 June posted earlier (yes, I still have the first set to upload).

Anonymous said...

Yes Phil,I would imagine it was quite a experience -the La Monte concert was very awe inspiring too.Did you hear the version of Terrys Rainbow on BBC 4 a few years ago-absolutely beautiful,and he managed to reinstate elements he originally wrote back into the piece.I am surprised that a lot more of these concerts arent covered by radio.

Phil said...

No I missed that one. Sounds interesting.

I'm hoping to use the Christmas break to catch up with some of the stuff that is still in the can, so please keep watching this space.