Sunday, March 15, 2009

The Kathryn Tickell Band, 13th October 1996

Queen Elizabeth Hall, London
Sunday, 13 October 1996

Kathryn Tickell - Northumbrian pipes, fiddle
Ian Carr - guitar
Neil Harland - bass

First Set
01 introductions
02 The Gathering
03 announcements
04 Lads of Alnwick + Sunderland Lasses; Peacocks March
05 tuning up, announcements
06 St. Kilda Wedding
07 announcements
08 La Bettaille dans la Petite Arbre; Acharavi Waltz
09 announcements
10 Dorrington Lads; I Saw My Love Come Passing By Me
11 title not announced
12 announcements
13 The Lemon Mill Jig; The Burnt Tattie; The Quarrymen
14 tuning up, announcements
15 Dargai

Second Set
01 announcements
02 Otterburn
03 The Cold Shoulder; The Welcome Home
04 announcements
05 Tune for Matt Robson; Kathleen
06 title not announced
07 announcements
08 Brafferton Village; Grey Bull Hornpipe; Grey Bull Waltz
09 title not announced
10 tuning up; announcements
11 The Day Dawn; Christmas Day in the Morning
12 reels
13 announcements
14 Farewell to the Dee; The Wife She Brewed It; Shirley's Reel
15 announcements
16 waltz; The Tyne Bridge Hornpipe; Wark Football Team
17 announcements
18 Raincheck; title unannounced
19 title unnanounced


Anonymous said...

Hi Phil and many thanks for your work in making your recordings available. I got the Ivor Cutler - stunned to find him on the web! - and will try for the Kathryn Tickell soon, but my connection is not so good. In the meanwhile, I'm sure you'll like this professionally recorded France Culture broadcast of Tickell with Danny Thompson (not my upload or site, but excellent quality!), cheers Dave Sez.

Find Tickell live Paris 1990 here:

Phil said...

Thanks for this Dave. I have a couple more Ivor Cutler and one more Kathryn Tickell in the pipeline, but I won't promise when I'll get around to them.