Monday, September 29, 2008

Fairport Convention, Fairfield Halls, Croydon. Thursday, 1 March 2007

Fairport Convention: Simon Nicol (guitar, vocals), Chris Leslie (vocals, mandolin, bouzouki, violin), Ric Sanders (violin), Dave Pegg (bass guitar, vocals), Gerry Conway (drums, percussion)

Tiny Tin Lady: Beth Gibbins (vocals, guitar), Danni Gibbins (guitar, vocals & cool hat), Kat Gilmore (fiddle), Helen Holmes (bass guitar & funky hair)

First Set
Tiny Tin Lady
Pretty Eyes
The Sound of Requiem
Green and Brown and Grey
In My Room
Blank Literature
enter Ric, Chris, Gerry
exit Tiny Tin Lady, enter Simon & Dave
Fairport Convention
The Widow of Westmoreland's Daughter
Sir Patrick Spens
Keep on Turning the Wheel
Crazy Man Michael
Galileo's Apology
Wait for the Tide to Come in
Polly on the Shore
The Bowman's Return

Second Set
Fairport Convention
Tam Lin
Your Heart and Mine
South Dakota to Manchester
The Deserter
Edge of the World
Who Knows where the Time Goes? (with Beth)
Hawkwood's Army
Matty Groves
Best Wishes
Meet on the Ledge (with Tiny Tin Lady)

The rapidshare folder below also includes links to three video clips from the show: Who Knows Where the Time Goes? Best Wishes and Meet on the Ledge.


Stephen said...

Hi there
Any chance of reposting this one.
Many thanks

Phil said...

Hi Stephen,

Can you clarify what the problem is? If you click on the link that should take you to a rapidshare folder with a number of further links. You can download the files from there. The audio mp3s are compressed as .rar files. Do you know how to open them?


Stephen said...

Hi Phil
Yes got it to work. Rapidshare can be very variable.
Many thanks for the upload